Sex Stories

This is a true story. It is my first experience of sharing my girlfriend.What make it more exciting(perverted?) is that I shared her with my nephew. I need to tell you about my nephew first. His name is Liam and he is the son of my younger sister. His Father left them a long time ago and he has spent a lot of time at my house. He has his own room and sleeps over 2 or 3 times a week. He's a good lad but has a lot of pent up agression that gets him into fights. He's a good footballer but very often loses his temper and gets sent off. he's 18 years old. About a few months ago he started to get interested in girls. Eventually he brought a girl back to my house and asked me if they could go up to his room. I said he could but to behave himself.This went on for a while until eventually the inevitable must have happened and I heard muffled groans and shrieks from the bedroom. I never said anything and he started bringing different girls every week. Anyway about 2 months ago he brought this stunning girl back. She looked older than him - about 20 I would say and as usual he took her her to his room. After a while I went upstairs to go to the toilet and I noticed his door was slightly open. Curiosity got the better of me and I crept to the door and spied on them. She was on her knees undoing his jeans. She pulled them down and then his boxers. Then I could see why he was so popular with the girls. He had a huge erection. It must have been 9 inches long and very thick. I watched as he fucked her on top and from behind. She had 2 hard orgasms while I watched and wanked into my handkerchief. I crept away and Liam never knew I had spied on him. After that I couldn't stop fantasising about him fucking my girlfriend Joyce. Joyce is a 48 years old Mother of 2 adult children A son of 24yrs and a daughter of 20yrs. I've been with her for about 5 years. It suits us at the moment to live seperately . Her son still lives with her.She is in really good shape for her age. The trouble is thst she is not sexually advenurous. Her husband died many years ago. The only 2 men she has ever had sex with are me and her ex. She is almost a prude. I couldn't discuss my fantasy with her - she would go mad. She treats Liam like a child and disaproves of him having girlfriends. He cannot bring girls to my house if it is one of the nights that Joyce stays over. She cannot stand bad language and thinks all young people should treat their elders with respect.The one thing that she will do for me is wear sexy underwear when we go out on a Saturday night. Black stockings, black suspenders and white panties is what I love. She wears a nice dress, not too short, she says that she is too old for that but she will wear one that is just above her knees. Anyway this particular Saturday night we had been to the pub as usual, few drinks and back to my place. We got home about 11.30 went in and there was Liam sitting in my armchair watching the TV. I could tell by the look on his face that he was very tense and wound up.I asked him what he was doing here and he replied that he had fell out with the girl he was with,one of his friends had tried to stick uo for her. He had then headbutted his friend and broke his nose. He said that he needed somewhere to hide out while all the fuss blew over. Joyce and I sat down on the sofa. Joyce started to lecture Liam about drinking and how he should be concentrating on his schoolwork not messing around with girls. I suppose her Motherly instincts had taken over. I noticed Joyces dress had risen up her legs slightly and I noticed Liam glancing at her legs. Now I don't think Joyce was aware of this because it was very unusual for her to show any part of her body. She had had a few drinks and I think that she was just being slightly careless and the drink was to blame. Anyway I had had a few drinks as well and I said ' If you want to help Liam, show him your new suspenders, I'm sure that will cheer him up' She looked at me as if I had gone mad. 'How much drink have you had?' she shouted at me. Now normally when Joyce speaks to me in that way I just shut up but I'd had alot to drink and I'd made the initial suggestion so I carried on.'Come on Joyce don't be a spoilsport, it's only a bit of harmless fun' and i tried to lift her dress up.She was absolutely livid with rage. She was shouting and struggling and I couldn't get her dress up. I got her in a bear hug and shouted to Liam to come and help me.He just sat there, bewildered I think. I shouted again but again he just ignored me. Then I taunted him - 'frightened of a real woman are you?, you big baby'. Suddenly he got up and came to sit the other side of Joyce. She was kicking and screaming, so I put a leg over her legs and then she couldn't move. 'Lift her dress Liam, let's have a look what colour knickers she's got on'. Again he just sat there. I taunted him again ' I knew you were still a little boy, you haven't got the balls to do it have you?' Again it had the desired effect and he started to lift her dress. Joyce was screaming at Liam not to touch her or she would tell his Mother but my taunting had done the trick and he lifted her dress up. It was a bit of a struggle getting it past my leg, but he managed and there on show were Joyces legs and bare thighs and white panties. I had a hard on and was really excited at Liam staring at Joyces pussy inside her panties but I swear at this point that was as far as I had intended it to go. Just a bit of fun and a thrill for Liam and me and I hoped for Joyce. Joyce wasn't responding how I hoped she was still fighting and screaming, in a real rage. Then something happened that changed things from a bit of fun to something far more serious. Liam put his hand on Joyces bare thigh and started massaging it. He forced his hand down the inside of her thigh and started squeezing and rubbing. The inside of his hand and his thumb was now rubbing against her pants and pussy. I thought my heart had stopped I was so shocked and excited. For a second Joyce was quiet as if she couldn't comprehend what was happening. Then she started screaming and fighting again. I could see Liam was trying to get her legs apart but Joyce was clamping them together. He was becoming tense and frustrated and he shouted'Shut the fuck up Joyce and open your legs' then he pushed my leg off her. As soon as her legs were free she started to kick but Liam was quick and agile and in a second he was between her legs. I wrapped my leg around her left leg and he put his weight against her right leg and it just made her immobile. I looked at Joyce and she had gone quiet. I think she realised how out of control she was and the predicament she was in.Then she started to sob.' Please don't John, stop it'. I looked at her and there were tears in her eyes and for a second I thought of stopping it. I looked at at Liam and realised that I would struggle to stop him even if I wanted to. He had a glazed look in his eyes and his breathing was ragged. He looked like a different boy as if he was on drugs. Then he reached out and pulled Joyces knickers to one side exposing her pussy. Liam looked down as if hypnotised.Then he started to prod her with his finger. She was dry but he got his finger inside her. I was whispering in Joyces ear telling her to relax and enjoy it. She was sobbing asking me to stop Liam 'He doesn't want to hurt you' I said,'He wants to show you how much he loves you'. He was pushing his finger in and out , in and out. Then with the thumb of his other hand he started massaging aroung the clitoris area. I thought he was being very rough but her pussy started to respond. I could hear the noise of his finger going in and out and the 2 finger as she got wet and her clitoris started to swell. 'Good girl' I whispered 'you are getting west and ready for him'. She was still sobbing no, over and over again but she had stopped fighting. I doubt that she had been so vulnerable to a man in all her life. She was spreadeagled while a boy just poked and massaged her pussy and looked at it while he did it.I just grinded my cock against her leg and came in my pants. I looked at Liam and he had this massive bulge in his jeans. I remember thinking that it must be painful when he jumped up and started stripping off. He took off his t shirt, jeans and then his boxers and stood there naked with this huge erection. At first it bobbed up and down a little then he grabbed it and massaged it and it loked as hard as rock. The end of it was all swollen as if it was ready to burst. I urged Joyce to look at Liam. 'Look at the cock thats going to fuck you senseless' I said. At first she wouldn't and turned her head but eventually I got her to look and I think it shocked her. I'm sure that she had never seen anything like it before.'Turn her over', Liam shouted to me. I manhandled Joyce onto her knees. She wasn't fighting now but she still wouldn't do what we told her to do. I sat down on the sofa next to Joyce who was now bent over it. She asked me one last time to stopit. I said ' You can't stop Liam now, it's your own fault, you shouldn't have got so wet for him and excited him so much. He needs to put his cock deep inside you. Just enjoy it Joyce. Noboby will ever know'. Liam lifted Joyces dress exposing her buttocks.He then roughly pulled her panties right over to one side and exposed her swollen pussy.She was still making token resistance and had her legs together but Liam just pushed them apart and got into position between her legs.He took hold of his cock and guided it into Joyces pussy. She was wet but still there was alittle resistance but he was slow and gentle and eased it in all the way. When it was fully in, Joyce let out a groan or rather a grunt as if all the air had been forced out of her and when she groaned she said no. Liam then did a strange thing and withdrew his cock all the way out of Joce, waited a second and the pushed it all the way back in. He did it 3 times and stime she groaned no when it awas fully in. The 3rd time he left it in and rotated his hips against her buttocks. It was as if he was letting her get to know his cock before he started fucking her properly and then her started slowly at first. He grabbed her hips and as he thrust into her he pulled her back to him. Every time she grunted no. I was watching fascinated. I had my cock out and was wanking. It was my fantasy, being acted out but it felt like a dream. I was encouraging Liam, telling him to fuck her hard and I was humiliating Joyce saying that we could see how much she enjoyed being fucked by a 16 year old, calling her a horny,randy bitch. I was looking at her face and I could see the tension. I knew that look, she was going to cumm. Liam felt it as well and he gasped'fucking hell, that's it Joyce' and he picked up speed. Shes cumming for you Liam I shouted. I've seen Joyce orgasm many times but never like this. It seemed as if her whole body was convulsing and twitching. She was trying to say no but she was struggling to get her breath. Her excitement made Liam cum and for a few seconds they were locked together both of them lost in ther orgasms,twiching groaning gasping and trembling. It was the most erotic sight I have ever seen and I shot my load again. After a few seconds Liam withdrew and Joyce collapsed to the ground. She looked completely shocked and exhausted. It wasn't the end of the night for Joyce though. Not by any means.

About a year ago I was staying in a hotel and was tricked by a young man into going into a laundry room where he trapped me and locked the door. He asked me for help with the washer settings and basically trapped me. Then he asked for all the money from my purse and told me to undress. I thought it was so he could make an easier getaway instead he was planning on raping me. In my mind, I didn't understand why some young guy who was about 20 or so would want anything to do with a middle aged lady.

I fought him the whole time but it was useless as he was very strong and much taller. I was surprised when about 10 minutes into the sex I started to have a series of very intense orgasms. My body was basically betraying me and I, to this day, don't completely understand. He had two orgasms in me which I didn't know was possible either. I'm not sexually stupid or maybe I am. I had been divorced for a few years.

The experience has had a weird affect on my psyche. I look at guys differently. Not in a bad way just differently. I have "acted out" more sexually in some wildly inappropriate ways. Anyway. Still trying to understand.

To be truthful, I have never been raped, although a few of my encounters kind of were on the borderline. But I have to say this is one of my most powerful fantasies. Sometimes I even .... and I am a bit ashamed of this .... but I get aroused reading or hearing about it. I know that the reality of rape is probably usually simply awful, I do love the idea of a man (or a group of men) being so attracted to me that they just can't help themselves and .... you know ..... do lots of stuff to me even as I say "No! Please! No!" they just keep on doing stuff until I give in and admit that I love it and want more and more .... I realize that's such a dumb and backward idea. But it's what I can't help but think. And I'm such a racist little ***** .... I often fantasize that the guys are of a certain ethnic group or something. So immature, I know. I should probably be spanked for thinking such trash. Any volunteers?

When I got to college I was hardly a virgin but things changed almost the first day I got there. I went to a party and ended getting gangbanged for a long time by more than one guy. Can you guess I was drinking? A lot? I was going to the same school as one of my ex boy friends who was a year ahead of me in high school. I had stopped seeing him for some other guy but we had split still friends or so I thought. Not only did he bang me he got his roommates in on the act, another of whom came from the same high school. And then thanks to things like Twitter, less popular then as now, he put out word and I guess if the sun hadn’t come up they’d still be fucking me. At some point your body just responds and I had orgasm after orgasm, which just gave the guys more incentive and made them rationalize that I really liked it. They were really verable about it and my being a slut and whore and bitch. To start with I was embarrassed that I kept cuming so hard and so often. It was just so obvious since I am semi-loud and I get awfully wet and I usually shake when I cum and just can’t hide it. To star with they had to hold me down and hit me but after I while I was just ready for every new fuck. After that I’d still fuck regular but sometimes went out of my way for dangerous stuff to get those real hard and frequent orgasms again and there were a lot of guys by then who knew how I wanted it. Every time one of these things happened I would say never again, but the never again swear never lasted. When I went back home on vacation everyone knew or so it seemed since the asshole from the first gangbang had done lots of bragging and of course these days there are pics and such. I had gone from being an average high school slut to a total tramp and whore at college and now back at home as well. Now that I'm working for a living I've fallen back into the same kinda dark hole again.

i had sex last night with my little brothers friend. my brother is 17 and his friend is 18, he is always over in your house. its like we are the family everyone comes to (like the popular house)... anyways i was minding my little bro last night and jake (his mate) was staying. around 1 am i was down stairs getting ready to head to bed when jake walked in in nothing but his boxers. jake is a big enough lad, he would be alot stronger than my brother anyways i was wearing black leggings, white top and a black cotton cardie. he walked over pinned me to the wall and pulled his boxers down, he had a big enough C***. he told me to get down and S*** him off, with a little fight back he won and i was S***ing him off for about 10 minutes and he pulled out, dragged me by my hair on to all fours and ripped my leggings open, he spat on his fingers and massaged my bum before fingering me... after i was lubbed up he F***ed me. we did it for half hour where he C** about 4 times. after i pushed him away telling him if he tells anyone i will make his life hell while squeezing his balls.

We hadn't had sex in 5 weeks and that wasn't my decision. It's true i had built up some resentment over this time. It's also true we've had much more than our share of stress in our lives the past few months. All of those feelings disappeared so quickly as though they never occurred at all.  In the past I always had the impression that my wife would just give in every once in a while so I wouldn't be cranky.  Last night wasn't that way at all. I hadn't felt passion like that for quite some time. Maybe one or two years.  Now I look forward to the next time. please god! Don't let it take another five weeks.

I am in my mid 30's and live with my husband and his son. About nine months ago my step son was staying at his mothers and my husband had an old school friend, tony, staying. By the time I got home from work they had already been drinking most of the day and had carried on at at our home. By about one a.m the conversation became more adult and coarse. I wasnt very keen on my husbands mate - he was quite a loud obnoxious drunk. My husband was paraletic drunk and i had to help him to bed - Tony was just watching and making jokes. I was walking down stairs when I heard my husband throwing up in the bathroom. I found him passed out over the toilet, As I was stood there Tony tried to grope me from behind through my dressing gown. I tried to push him away but he dragged me through to our bedroom and forced me over our dresser. He pinned me down face first and tooked me from behind. I'm about 5 ft 6 and he was over 6 ft sohe easily held me down. He took me with rough hard thrusts, grunting constantly and saying horrible things to me. I was straining against him until I was horrified to feel my sex relax and moisten. I was crying as I orgasmed involuntarily, Tony ejaculated in me soon after. I lay on my bed curled up stunned. I'm not sure how long I laid there but he returned to took me again this time on my back, making me watch him violate my sex. Again I orgasmed as he took me with hard vigorous thrusts. I came loudly this time much to his satisfaction. He tooked me twice more after that in our bed - once vaginally and then finally anally. The third time I was too stunned to resist and just lay there not moving. The fourth time he was angry about not coming again so guess he wanted to try something different, I didn't orgasm but he did, hard. It was day light when I heard him leave. I could hear my husband snoring in the bathroom.
I've never talked to him about it but we didn't have sex for two months after. It changed me though as we also had a good marriage but I've cheated on him six times since. At the moment I'm sleeping with a much younger man who loves rough sex. Think I'm conditioned to enjoy it now.

I wasn't suppose to have sex with him. I feel so foolish. I love him so badly. I just came to get the rest of my clothes from him. That was a failure. I came on to him. He resisted but, didn't fully push me away.

I kissed his neck and then, his ears and lips slowly. He asked me "why, are you doing this"? I couldn't respond with anything beside "because I don't want to let you go, I love you". (READ MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES TO FULLY UNDERSTAND)

So we continued to go back and forth for a while until I took charge and push him in his Chevy 4x4 diesel truck. I forced him to get in. He laid on his back, and we started to kiss again. With me on top of him.

He started to feel on my butt as I ran my hands through his hair. It's so soft with specks of grey in it. He's 35 as I am 19. I love a mature man.

Slowly I get up and tell him to sit straight up with himself in the middle of the backseat. It's a tight squeeze as he has his tools back there from work. I hurry and take my Uggs off and slip off one of my pajama pants legs. He's grabbing my waist by this time.

He's rubbing all of my body, lifting up my shirt and revealing my black Victoria Secret bra. At this point he has a full blown hard on. I feel it coming through his sweats. I get a rush of adrenalin and I take his sweats off, exposing his penis.

I didn't feel like fulfilling my oral fixation tonight I just wanted him inside of me. Just looking into his light brown eyes with his long eyelashes and olive skin turns me on. So, I just pull off my polkadot Victoria Secret "Cheekster" panties.

I'm totally wet by this time and I just sit on his hard penis. I started to ride it fiercely as we both know we shouldn't be doing this. But, it feels so good we continue. So, after riding for a couple minutes he pushes me back on the center console and lifts my waist up and he slowly licks my pink vagina.

He looks me in my eyes as he does it. Because, we both know the passion of him doing this is the same passion we had in our relationship. He goes on for a few more seconds as my body squirms out of pleasure.

So, I start to ride it more as he moans my name. This feels so good to have him touch my body again after one week of not seeing me prior to our breakup. So, I'm super wet at this point and dripping. We decide to switch it up a little...

He starts to slap my face super hard as if he's taking his anger out on me. He starts telling me how bad I am for letting him do this to me. My face is hot and it turns me on. He starts to pull my hair and choke my little neck as well. The look in his eyes are almost like he's not human as he does this. It's like he's an animal and I'm his weak prey.

He knows all the right things to do to me. He pushes me over and starts to thrust me from behind. He goes harder and harder. I'm about to climax at this point. So I start to rub my ****. Soon before you know it, I come. It was hard at this point. I feel weak but he keeps me going even after I tell him to stop.

He lays on his back and I start riding him reverse cowgirl. It's so uncomfortable in his small truck but it feels so good I look past this all. I get tired soon so I get off, he's kind of shocked I'm tired. He tells me to suck his penis I resisted, I never do that. He was shocked, so he pulled my hair and brought me closer then, slapped me. "You don't tell me no, you little *****" is what he told me.

He forced my mouth on his penis. Tasting all of me on him. He pulled me by my hair up to his face and kissed me, he wanted to taste me as well. He told me in between us kissing how good I tasted. The way he kissed my pink lips. His tongue in my mouth. It felt so good.

I go back to sucking it for about a minute. He wants more... He lifts his *** up. He forcibly makes me lick it. My nose is his balls and my mouth on his sweet *** hole. I start licking it immensely. Playing with his balls with one hand. Him, stroking his penis.

He ends up climaxing and right after and puts his penis in my mouth and I get a good dosage in my mouth. While it's still in my mouth he pulls my head up and tastes himself as well. He likes it. He's a freak and I love it. We get up and get ourselves together...

We know we shouldn't have done this. Our passion is still there for each other. Our relationship prematurely ended because of family on his side. I don't crave anyone else. I only want him to touch my body. I just really love him. It's all my fault for coming onto him.


My wife has been on one of her 'I'm not interested" modes and we hadn't been together sexually until last night. She made the move and it wasn't an offer. it was a "Let's do this" thing.  I had nearly forgotten what it was like to be with her even though we sleep together nearly every night. This was different. This was amazing!

She didn't know she was being watched. A 30 year old mother of a 6 year old. She had just kissed her husband and waved him off to work. Then she had taken her daughter to school and was walking back home. She was thinking how lucky she was. She loved her husband very much and he loved her. She wondered about some of the other mothers she met at school who talked about their lovers. How could they do that? She went into her detatched house not having a care in the world. That was about to change. She had just put the kettle on when in through the front door burst 2 teenage boys. What do you want she screamed but before she could do any more one of them grabbed her and twisted her arm up her back. She knew instantly that she was powerless. Don't struggle and do what we want and you won't get hurt. Who are you she sobbed, terrified. We are the boys off the council estate who you look down on, the ones who are going to take down your knickers,make you very wet and fuck you sesnseles. No please she cried. The boy who wasn't holding her walked around to the front of her and started to undo his jeans. He was smiling arrogantly. He was 16 years old and could have any girl he wanted. He wanted somebody he shouldn't have - a happily married woman. He knew he was good at sex all the girls told him. He was young,fit and had a very big cock. He took down his jeans and then his pants. He was already very excited and erect. She tried not look but even so she glanced and he laughed,have a good look you slut. The boy behind her started to lift the back of her summer dress and she felt his eager fingers exploring her thighs and buttocks. Noooo, please she sobbed. He twisted her arm which made her cry outin pain. Don't struggle he whispered. He pushed her forward and lifted her dress up. She could feel him pulling down her panties and she felt so exposed but the fight was quickly going and she was giving up the struggle. She was so frightened of being hurt. The boy in front laughed at her - how does it feel having your panties taken down by a 14 year old. she felt her pants around her knees and then a hand pushing her thighs apart. Then a finger trying to enter her vagina. She's dry the boy said to his mate. Poke her with you fingers then, make her wet for me he laughed pushing his cock towards her face. She turned her head away and the boy behind her twisted her arm again. Suck it he said. She took it in her mouth and sucked while the boy behind her was fingering her vagina, beginning to make her wet. No please she thought, but her body was responding. She's getting wet now the young boy shouted excitedly. Move out of the way then I'm going to fuck her hard. Tears were running down Emmas face but there was nothing she could do.. She felt the tip of his his cock against her vagina and waited. He pushed it in - it felt so big inside her and she gasped involuntarily. You're going to love this he said. Then he started to slowly pump in and out of her. The younger boy was watching and masturbating. Put it in her mouth the older boy said. Emma could feel the pressure building inside her. She knew an orgasm was coming and she was desperately trying to stop it. Noooooo she shouted but the young boy put his cock to her lips and she took it in her mouth as the orgasm built. She gave up to it and sucked and the groaned as she orgasmed. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Her legs nearly gave way and she shuddered and shook. The 2 boys were so excited by her reaction that they came at the same time.All 3 lost for a moment in the pleasure that they were giving to each other The boys pulled away and she fell to the floor sobbing so ashamed of what had just happened. She looked up at her rapists and they stood there laughing and joking like kids. The shame was they were laughing at how much they had made her cumm. She saw the older ones cock was twitching to life already as he was looking down at her naked thighs and pussy.She knew what was going to happen next. The older boy looked down at her. He was almost ready to fuck again. He knew that there would be no need for any rough stuff ths time. She would do what she was told and enjoy it.


My wife has been on one of her 'I'm not interested" modes and we hadn't been together sexually until last night. She made the move and it wasn't an offer. it was a "Let's do this" thing.  I had nearly forgotten what it was like to be with her even though we sleep together nearly every night. This was different. This was amazing!

We hadn't had sex in 5 weeks and that wasn't my decision. It's true i had built up some resentment over this time. It's also true we've had much more than our share of stress in our lives the past few months. All of those feelings disappeared so quickly as though they never occurred at all.  In the past I always had the impression that my wife would just give in every once in a while so I wouldn't be cranky.  Last night wasn't that way at all. I hadn't felt passion like that for quite some time. Maybe one or two years.  Now I look forward to the next time. please god! Don't let it take another five weeks.